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Elevator Space Guards

What does a tkEP Elevator Space Guard look like?

Although the tkEP space guard is a door baffle that is designed with swing doors that have a round knob, you can see that a professional installer can also make them work quite well with many lever-style door handles.

The space guard photos here, courtesy of Deleware Elevator, are shown installed on-site, and unpainted. The plastics used to make tkEP Elevator Space Guards will accept paint so they can blend into the color scheme of your choosing.

Can you use a tkEP Elevator Space Guard with your elevator or lift?

  • Additional safety device used on home elevators with swing type doors.
  • Mounts to the inside or “hoistway” face of the elevator landing doors.
  • Reduces the clearance between the hoistway face of the elevator landing door, and outer face of the door or gate to the elevator car.


The tkEP Elevator Space Guard is designed to be used with the following brands of elevators and/or lifts: ​​

  • ​ThyssenKrupp Access
  •  National Wheel-O-Vator
  • Access Industries home elevator   

If your home elevator is from another manufacturer, please contact us at (636)-698-6295 to discuss your Elevator Space Guard options. 

Please note a swing door baffle such as the tkEP Elevator Space Guard is designed to cover the gap that can occur between the swing door and the elevator cab when the swing door is closed. However, use of it does not guarantee compliance with the elevator code, more commonly known as the 3” x 5” Rule. We recommend that a professional elevator technician perform installation.

Elevator hoistway spacers to keep you safe

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