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Completing the form below will give our team the information we need to assist you with getting the correct space guard door baffle and any additional spacers you may need for proper installation. Once we have your information our team will contact you ASAP with an exact price and delivery date.

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The elevator space guard for swing doors on home elevators is designed to reduce the hazards that are associated with a gap that can occur between the swing door (outer door) and the elevator shaft when the swing door is closed. Proper measuring and installation is key and we recommend that a professional elevator technician complete installation.

If installing the space guard on the swing door does not completely cover the space left between the door and the elevator cab when the door is closed, additional spacers may be required for proper installation.

Providing all the measurements requested above for each floor the elevator will have an opening at will help us to determine what size space guard door baffle is required and, if additional space fillers may be needed. 

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