Tape Measure

Step 3

Position the space guard on the inside (hoistway) face of the door so that the bottom is flush with the bottom of the door. 

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Step 4

The spacing on the left and right sides should be equal and should not be less than 0. 75 inches to allow the door to close properly. 

Step 10

Step inside the elevator car and close the door. Make sure the space guard does not protrude past the hoistway door landing sill by more than .25 inch. 

Repeat steps 1 - 10 for remaining doors.

Before you begin gather up a few items

Installing a tkEP space guard (elevator door baffle) can be done using the tools and instructions listed below. a baffle can be installed with a new home elevator or installed on an existing lift.

Step 7

Drill a 1/8 inch pilot hole into the door corresponding with each screw hole location in the Space Guard. 

Step 1

Call the elevator to the floor level where the space guard is to be installed.

Drill Bit

Screw Driver

Instruction for Installing a tkEP Elevator Space Guard

Safety Goggles

Materials Services

Engineered Plastics

Safety Goggles

Step 6

Holding the Space Guard against the door, mark the screw hole locations on the door with a pencil or marker. 

After marking, set the space guard aside.

Step 2

Open the landing door

Step 9

Close and open the door to make sure the space guard does not interfere with the door’s operation. 

Pencil or Marker


Step 5

Ensure that there is adequate clearance for the door knob. 

Step 8

If the space guard was provided with spacers, position the spacers behind the flange of the space guard. 

Attach the space guard with the screws provided. (Note: Where spacers are provided use the longer screws that came with the spacers.)