How will a tkEP Elevator Space Guard Benefit you?

​​If the space between the elevator / lift doors is too great it may be possible for children, small adults, or even pets to be entrapped between the doors, raising the potential for serious personal injury or death.

Installation of a tkEP space guard for swing doors does not guarantee compliance with any codes and proper installation is a must to ensure the space guard door baffle provides protection to elevator users.

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Will a tkEP Elevator Space Guard be a good fit for your elevator or lift?


Experts recommend an elevator space guard be used in home elevators any time the space between the hoistway face of the landing door to the center of the car door sill groove/track exceeds 4 inches.

In some cases additional spacers may be required to fill the gap that occurs between the swing door and the elevator cab. We will work with you to provide the correct space guard as well as additional spacers to fit your elevator.

Installation of a tkEP Elevator Space Guard


Using a few basic tools and careful measuring to ensure proper fit, a door baffle can be installed on a new or existing home elevator.

Visit our Installation Page or download the pdf for step by step instructions.

How an Elevator Space Guard Works


Elevator Space Guard  eliminates the space between the closed door and the elevator cab. The ADA requires that there be sufficient clearance to enter the elevator car through door openings. The tkEP Elevator Space Guard allows for the gap that can occur to be covered while still providing the majority of space to your walkthrough opening when the door is opened.

When your hoistway door is closed, the elevator space guard is fully extended to fill the danger zone. The result is a much larger walkthrough opening, but in the case of mechanical failure, the elevator space guard is left in the extended, or “safe”, position and will still provide protection.
The tkEP Elevator Space Guard reduces a serious safety risk present in some older elevators while maintaining their accessibility.